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Claws that Snatch
It was either a loose wire in her deck, or the chems that swarmed her veins, but Alice could hear this soft hum as she dove through the barriers of the network.  The white_rabbit worm she sent ahead of her cleared a path, but it was fast and the holes closed almost as soon as they opened.  Luck, or skill, or expensive designer drugs that made her nerves sing kept her a few steps ahead of the ice.
Finally she came out the other side and found herself within the vast datascape that made up Regina Inc.’s Red Division.  Wonderland, it was nicknamed due to its lack to logical sense.  To many tourists this land would be a nightmare, but to those like Alice, it was a paradise.  The physical laws didn’t apply to the datascape, and in Wonderland this was apparent.
Quickly, quietly she began to scan the server for what she was looking for.  Alice found herself wishing that she could look more openly, but the powerful ice that guarded this area, called th
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Selfish Habits
I didn’t want you to be there.
It’s not fair to you.
It’s not fair to them.
It was fair for me.
There wasn’t meant to be this much flair.
I didn’t mean to hurt you.
I didn’t mean to hurt them.
I only meant to hurt me.
It feels odd, after this time, to clear the air.
I can’t make it up to you.
I can’t make it up to them.
Can I make it up to me?
So you can go ahead and just stare.
I didn’t do this for you.
I didn’t do this for them.
I did this for me.
It’s too late but I can hear the sirens blare.
They can come for you.
They can come for them.
But it’s just too late for me.
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You, Here, This
It hurts but I can’t stop,
I keep coming back,
To you, to here, to this.
Please, let’s go somewhere,
Anywhere but here,
I don’t know if I can go alone.
I know I shouldn’t go with you,
I should just walk away, leave you,
Go anywhere, with anyone.
But I’m here again, with you.
It hurts, but I won’t stop.
Please just make me stop.
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I Know You Are There
I know you are there
I know you are listening
You always are
But I’m not making a sound
I’m screaming so loud
My lungs burn and my throat hurts
But I’m not making a sound
I’m not worth all this
I can see in your eyes, I’m not blind
It hurts you to watch me
It burns to see me smolder
Maybe I was a burning fire
I’m not anymore and you
You are left cold and in the dark
Watching something you cared
Still care so much about
Fade away into nothing
I know you are there
I know you are listening
You always are
Please stop
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One More Pill
One more pill,
Another failed attempt,
Another set of side effects,
I’ll never get rid of.
Like sins and regrets,
These consequences,
The well intentioned effects,
Keep piling up on top of me.
What’s one more headache?
Twitching or weight gain?
Less time spent not huddled in my bed?
It’s just part of the experience.
One more pill,
Another desperate scrip,
Trying to find the money,
Another call to the doctor.
The dreaded questions,
“What medication have you taken?”,
“How much, how often?”,
Curling in, a robotic “I don’t know.”
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I can’t burn anymore,
My fire’s gone out.
Still I shamble on.
I can’t fight anymore,
My weapon’s broken.
Still my hands make fists.
I can’t love any more,
My heart’s too scarred.
Still I try to open up.
Just leave me to die,
Never been difficult before.
Still you look back.
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Mature content
Can We Please Talk :iconweaselfreelance:weaselfreelance 2 1
Mature content
Writing Practice: Combat :iconweaselfreelance:weaselfreelance 1 1
Lord, Please Save Me
Lord, please save me from a lover’s embrace.
The way he crushes the life from me,
I just can’t bare being loved that way.
Lord, please save me from a lover’s gaze.
The way she adores me, and sees me as clean,
I just can’t bare being seen that way.
Lord, please save me from a lover’s care.
The way I can never fall on cold ground,
I just can’t bare them holding me up anymore.
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Cupped Hands
In our cold cupped hands.
We held out for hope, but failed.
Trying not to burn,
Cradling a dying ember.
A cigarette for the lost.
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Antiseptic Thoughts
The smell of anti-septic and bleach seeped through every wall of the room.  Each surface sparkled and the white walls were only broken by a single window and a heavy door.  The lights were overwhelming, pressing down on the occupants like a weight.  But under it all there was a feeling, something soft and ever present.
The nurses wheeled a bed in.  There was a figure on the bed.  It could have once been a strong and powerful man, his frame tall and stout.  Now though, the body attached to the frame was gaunt and frail.  His skin was ashen.  The heart monitor lazily rose up and down like a ship on a calm sea.
After securing the tubes and needles, the various accouterments of one subject to extreme medicine, the nurses left.  The skeletal man stared at the ceiling, each breath held for moments before being released.  He counted ceiling tiles, but was soon interrupted.
“My name’s Earl,” said a rasping voice from the other
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Put a torch to this old house
Put a torch to this old house,
Watch it ignite and burn to the ground.
Say good bye to our past,
Our fears and failures,
Our victories and defeats.
Say good bye to who you were,
Your weakness and strengths.
Tonight this old house burns down.
Taking with it photos and knickknacks.
Anchors to a past we never asked for,
A past held close to the heart.
In the morning they will be nothing,
Ash and smoke blowing in the wind.
In the morning the sun will rise,
Illuminating out soot covered faces,
Our ash covered hands.
We will have nothing but open roads,
And a blank ashen slate.
For now sit and watch the flames with me.
Sit beside me and revel in their warmth.
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Pulling at Skin
Picking at scabs and pulling at skin,
this is where is all begins.
Not just my patience has worn thin,
but I'll just do it all again.
I fill my lungs with air,
and sing what I could not dare,
words that I could not bare,
thoughts buried with care.
I never meant to betray myself,
self preservation on the shelf.
For better times and better health.
Not drowning in vain self help.
So while I raise my eyes to the sky,
to some sort of hope help high,
I watch the clouds float by,
and wonder why it feels like a lie.
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Festival Night
The drums beat into the night.  The sound of fiddles, flutes, and song accompanied the visceral thumping.  The Harvest Festival had come, and the farmers were celebrating a good yield.  It seemed the Gods had looked upon them favorably.  Perhaps it was the offerings they left, or maybe the priestesses were doing their job.
Not all were celebrating though.   Volunteers from the town's militia had chosen to forgo celebrating to stand guard, keeping the revelers safe from wolves and brigands.  A hint of chill rode the air like a piskie.  The hardened leather they wore did little to keep them warm but their purpose made it worth it.
A young man leaned against his pike, watching into the darkness.  His eyes kept drifting up to the great sea of stars above him, the thick blanket of bright pinholes of light entranced him.  Out past where the great bonfire's light shone was the thick dark forest that
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One More Dramatic Poem....
Success, not achieved.
The workers toil in vain.
Failure, an option
and sometimes the only one.
Some know little but defeat.
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Take Off, Delayed
Down Deeper
Under the placid water
Of the Ego
Lies the Shadow
Whispering truth
I never wanted to hear
Guiding my hands
In acts profane
And deeply profound
Closer to the Self I rise
As I fall deeper
My Shadow shows the way
A path set before me
My feet walk the stones
That I always refused to see
I will stumble before I soar
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As a bit of a note, and to give credit where its due, I paint pewter figurines that I get from Reaper Minis Their sculptors I'm sure work very hard and deserve the credit. I just paint them up, which if you've never done so is an art amongst itself.

There credit is given


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Colby "Alex" McFall
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United States
Current Residence: New Hampshire
Favourite genre of music: You humans and your quaint catagories...
Favourite photographer: Marc McFall
Favourite style of art: Again see the music thing...
Shell of choice: Limpit
Wallpaper of choice: The Yellow Wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Gir, Wille E, Death
Personal Quote: I'm just a man with a machine gun and a dream...
I've been published.  Look up my work under the author Raltia.

Keep calm and write on.


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